My New Game Gel Mania, got featured by apple in New and Noteworthy Section today! I’m very exited about it since I was working on the game non stop for the past 2 months. Here are some screenshots of the game, and it would be a huge help if you can download it and rate More >


Last night for the first time I tried to sketch with my fingers on the iPad and here is the result. I think it was cool and interesting, but still I need to get used to it. Recently I love robots even more that i loved them before. Whatever I sketch, somehow ended as a More >


I went to global game jam las weekend . It was held on .  We were a group of 5. It was a very interesting and fun experience for me.
I’m exited about it and can not wait for the next year game Jam. I was not sure if I really want to attend it, specially More >


Ok, here is my second app in Cinema 4D. I made the heart character in C4D . Here are some screen shot and description of the app. The app is free in the app store, so if you ever download it, please make sure to rate it!

This cute little app is the new generation More >


This one is my eighth video tutorial for creating a very nice realistic rendering with global illumination and HDR imaging in Cinema 4D. In my simple tutorial I’ll show you how something is done and if you really want to understand the subject, you have to do more research and learn it on your own. More >


Hi everybody, I’m back!
This is my seventh video tutorial after a while since I was busy making my game Monster Fart. This is actually my icon in the app store which I show you how I made materials and how I assign map to my character in Cinema 4D. In the next video you’ll see More >


Hi everybody,
Finally the Monster Fart App is available in the app store. Monster Fart is a fun and happy game that also help you improve your memory while having fun. Also, if you have kids, they will love this funny game.
There are 3 modes in the game, Main game (which has 40 levels-Levels and Sub More >


Finally after two months I created another Video Tutorial. The problem is since I have readers, it makes me more responsible and in the same token, more picky! Before it was much easier for me because I didn’t know if anybody ever is going to watch my tutorials!
This is another simple tutorial for character More >


I Promise

May 14th, 2010

Hi everyone,
I’m working on my first iPhone App and all the characters and scenes are in C4D and that is why I did not have any posts recently. Also, I really feel guilty cause my goal was to have a post every single day, but it’s been about two weeks that I didn’t write More >


Most of the time graphic designers doesn’t have a chance to see their logo in the real life. They design it, sent it to the client and they start a new project. So, these are my own photographs of Las Vegas City Center. I think it could be a great inspiration for graphic designer. It’s More >