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Third Video Tutorial-Modeling a Mushroom in Cinema 4D, Poly Modeling and HyperNURBS

This is my third video tutorial. I got good feed back from my past two videos and it was very encouraging for me to do the third one. Thank you for your nice comments.

In this very basic C4D tutorial I’ll show you how to create a mushroom with Low Poly Modeling and HypurNURBS. I’ll start with a primitive object, SPHERE and then changing the segments to 8 instead of default 24. Using U~L to make a loop selection and make an Extrude. If this was interesting so far, maybe you should watch my video!

The good news is it got much easier for me to record videos, and if this works, I’m going to have lots of video tutorial for different types of 3D Modeling.

Mac Digital Notebook by Circus Ponies

If you live a digital life, like me, spending your day in virtual world, probably have your own method to save all information and to reuse them. For example when you are in a site that you like, you can add it to your favorites, or you can bookmark it.

For me, always something was missing and that was a digital notepad, so I can have different tabs, different pages and be able to save only the part of the information that I want from any site. I’m sure there must be plenty of great apps out there that still I do not know.

For a while I was using Google Notebook, Mac Address Book and Text Edit to save some information, but none of those were really satisfying my needs till yesterday that I was searching for a digital notebook for Mac that I found this website: their great product NoteBook 3.0.(organize your life) and it was what I exactly wanted. I downloaded the 30 day trial version for free and it is only $50 to buy, which using it for a day only, I’m going to buy it.

It does so many neat features like different paper types or colorful tabs, sticky note,sticky flag and reminder flag, Voice Annotation and sync page to iPod and as their say in their site”More than just an outliner or text processor, NoteBook is idea management software.” and this is absolutely true. Wow! I’ve done great advertising for them, I deserve to have the software for free!
Here are some screen shot of it:

Digital Organizer Mac Notebook

Digital Organizer Mac Notebook

Digital Organizer Mac Notebook

Digital Organizer Mac Notebook

Digital Organizer Mac Notebook

Digital Organizer Mac Notebook

Mirror-Bearer Mexico or Guatemala; Maya 6th century-4 Views

To me, always ancient arts are very inspiring. They are so pure. This sculpture is in Metropolitan Museum NYC. And below is the museum description. Hope you like it.

“Royal in its posture, this beautifully dressed figure probably once displayed a mirror between its knees and raised arms. The mirror would have been made of sections of iron pyrite polishes to a dark sheen. When set a wood or stone frame, the pyrite sections provided a reflective surface, the chief use of which was divinatory. Mirror were precious objects, and one big enough and elegant enough to be held by this imposing figure was as significant as its holder. The mirror bearer would have presented the mirror only to powerful Maya personages for its auguries. The mirror-bearer is sumptuously dressed in a kilt, or hip clot, with a patterned band and fringe along the bottom. The kilt is kept in place by a wide belt of a different pattern, carefully tied at the waist. A long sash of similar decoration is worn across the shoulders and tied at each side. The jewelry consists of grand ears ornaments that begin with spools in the ears and cascade down to the shoulders, ending in long-nosed profile heads. On the chest a small mask like ornament is held aloft by the mirror-bearer’s joined hands.

Maya Sculpture-Mexico or Guatemala-6th Century

Maya Sculpture-Mexico or Guatemala-6th Century

Maya Sculpture-Mexico or Guatemala-6th Century

Maya Sculpture-Mexico or Guatemala-6th Century-Metropolitan Museum of Art-NYC

Maya Sculpture-Mexico or Guatemala-6th Century

Maya Sculpture-Mexico or Guatemala-6th Century-Metropolitan Museum of Art-NYC

Maya Sculpture-Mexico or Guatemala-6th Century

Maya Sculpture-Mexico or Guatemala-6th Century-Metropolitan Museum of Art-NYC

Natural Camouflage Pattern!

This is what i’ve done in photoshop with one of the photos that I took this morning.
This was amazing, absolutely amazing. I think almost my first time to see the real natural CAMOUFLAGE! For many years I had this question of what is the real connection between the camouflage pattern and nature, and this morning I discovered the secret finally, so never is too late!
You can use these textures in your projects if you want.

Creating A Space Cat in Cinema 4D with HyperNURBS

This is my second video tutorial creating a cat character using polygon modeling and HyperNurbs. Still recording takes so long for me, but I think I got a little bit better from the first my first video.
In this tutorial I used some simple tools like scale,move,extrude and inner extrude to create the Space Cat!
I think I’m going to create a step by step image tutorial and have them in my site as well.
One of the problem that I have is the video size and quality. I’ll promise to fix them in my future videos!

And Here is a Step by Step Tutorial for those without the high speed Internet.

This is the image reference for some of the buttons that I’m using in this tutorial.

C4D-Tutorial-Icons Description

C4D-Tutorial-Icons Description

1-Create A new file. Create a Cube Object.


Create a Box

2-Click on the Scale Button. Make sure that Use Model Tool is on. Get the little yellow square and scale it in Z axis.


Using Scale Tool

3-Go to the object attribute and change the segments to x=3 Y=3 Z=1

C4D-Tutorial-Object Attribute

Changing the Object Attribute

4-Make the object editable by clicking on the Make Object Editable Button. (You can use shortcut C)

5-Now select the Polygon Tool Button. Select the middle square and Click on the scale button to scale it. Note that since you want the middle square to scale in three different directions, you should not drag on the object, drag on the empty space in your graphic view and move your mouse till you get to the wanted result.

Cinema 4D Tutorial-Scale

Use the Scale Tool to Scale the middle square.

6-Rotate the view to see the bottom of your cube. Select the middle square and use the scale tool and red handle to scale it in the Y direction. The two other squares would be the cat legs.


Scale the middle bottom square

7-Select the two middle squares on both sides with Polygon Tool.(These are going to be the arms). Right click and select the Extrude Inner. Move the mouse outside of the object to create a Extrude Inner for both sides.


Select the side squares to create cat arms.

8-Now with smaller squares selected, right click and select Extrude. again outside of the object in the graphic area move the mouse to extrude two arms.


Creating Arms

9-Now go to the bottom of the cube again and select the two side squares and right click and Extrude them.

C4D Box Modeling-Space Cat

Creating Legs

10-Create a HyperNURBS object. Drop the cube inside the HyperNURB object.

C4D-Tutorial-Hyper NURBS

Create Hyper NURBS

11-Go to the Display Menu and Click on the Gouraud Shading (Lines) or (N~B).


Change the Shading

12-If you do not see the blue square line around the object, you can go to the tools menu and make sure Use Isoline Editing is OFF or click (Alt+A) for Windows users and (Option+A) for Mac users to create the blue line box around the object.

13-Select the Use Edge Tool. Click on the scale button. Use the red arrow and make two lines closer together. Now with the same selection, use the move tool and move the two ears up in the X axis.


Scale The Edges

C4D-Tutorial-Space Cat

Moving The Edges Up to create cat ears.

14-For not having a Flat Cat( Nobody likes the flat cat, right?!!), select the middle square in the front and use the Move tool in the Z Direction. Repeat the step for the Back of the cat.


Avoid Having a Flat Cat!

15-Select the middle square on the front. Right Click to create a extrude Inner. Right Click again to create another Extrude Inner.

C4D-Tutorial-Space Cat

Extrude Inner two times

16-Use the Extrude tool and Extrude Inward.

C4D-Tutorial-Space Cat

Extrude Inward

17-Use Extrude Inner tool to Create another circle.

C4D-Tutorial-Space Cat

Extrude Inner

18-Use Extrude tool to Extrude outward.
C4D-Tutorial-Space Cat

19-By going to the Hyper NURBS attribute, in the object button you can change the subdivision to 3 or more. Having more subdivision will uses more memory and makes everything slower.

C4D-Tutorial-Space Cat

This is the Final Cat!

20-Now get creative. Create your own cat design and make it in Cinema 4D, or create this cat and render it and send a link to us, so we can publish your work, like this one. or this.

10 Different Metal Texture for FREE

And One more selection of my own metal texture photos. I’m not sure about some of them, but I think it might be useful for you in your projects. It is free, just do not forget to link to my frog if you are using it in any collection. If you want more quality, email me and I’ll send you the Hi-Res file.

NY Toy Fair 2010 and Organizing Information

One of the reasons that I did not have any posts in the past two days was toy fair. It was good, but really tiring and today I was trying to organize and categorize everything that I got at toy fair. You’ll see the picture, you’ll agree with me!I keep thinking about a better way to exchange the information without getting overwhelmed with business cards and brochures. I know there are many different mobile apps for that, but still they are not that popular, at least in toy industry since still so many old school things going on! I was trying to get connected as much as possible and get to know more people. There were all types of different toys there, and as usual, some really good and some not. One that I really liked called Vamplets, 6 little baby vampires! I hope from tomorrow I can get back to my normal posts. I want to do more tutorials, but it takes me so long because I’m making mistakes and I have to record them from the beginning!
One more thing, for my first video so far I got about 67 views which makes me happy and encourages me to do more.

Toy Fair 2010 Information

Creating Low Poly Character and HyperNURBS in Cinema 4D

I’m tying to create a basic tutorial in Cinema 4D, creating a little cute character, space octopus. In this tutorial I’ll start by creating a sphere and changing the segments to 8. Then using Matrix Extrude to create tentacles and using Inner Extrude and Extrude to create the helmet. And then drop my sphere inside a HyperNURBS. I’m not really happy with my accent, but I can not help it.

Some Inspiration-American Museum of Natural History-NYC

Going to museum is nice. I think it can give any artist lots of inspiration. if you ever go to New York, do not miss it.
79 Street And Central Park West
New York, NY 10024
(212) 769-5100

And Blogging is a dedication and angry egg!

I would never though blogging is this much dedication! My blog is only 10 days old and now i appreciate good blogger even more. Still I’m trying to create different tutorials, still I’m working on so many things to share them online, but honestly, too much work.
So, tomorrow is the first day for toy fair 2010 New York City. It’s going to be my first time attending toy fair as a buyer, because of my older website I’m so exited and going to take my camera with me.
And this angry egg is the last one in his group which I decided to make him angry.

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