My First iPad Sketch!

Last night for the first time I tried to sketch with my fingers on the iPad and here is the result. I think it was cool and interesting, but still I need to get used to it. Recently I love robots even more that i loved them before. Whatever I sketch, somehow ended as a robot.

iPad Sketch-4DFrog

Our Global Game Jam Entry, Planet Vegas!

I went to global game jam las weekend . It was held on .  We were a group of 5. It was a very interesting and fun experience for me.

I’m exited about it and can not wait for the next year game Jam. I was not sure if I really want to attend it, specially since it was straight 48 hours! I had a chance to go home 2 times and get some rest!

iPhone and iPad App-Monster Fart-Cinema 4D

Hi everybody,

Finally the Monster Fart App is available in the app store. Monster Fart is a fun and happy game that also help you improve your memory while having fun. Also, if you have kids, they will love this funny game.
There are 3 modes in the game, Main game (which has 40 levels-Levels and Sub levels), Fart Tournament which is a quick play 1 minute game and you can challenge your friends and finally the Free Fart which you can make the monsters fart with music.

Monster Fart is a collaboration with Bit Banger Software. Music and sound effects by Aaron Zilch. All the characters are 3D and all the characters and animations created in Cinema 4D. I’ll try to make some tutorials about the 3D characters and animations.

The iPhone version is 0.99 but if you have the iPad or iPhone 4, you can get the HD version for $2.99 .

Also, here is the link for the app site, there are some freebies for download.

Cubic Frog Apps

Monster Fart-iPhone and iPad App

Default Screen

Monster Fart-iPhone and iPad App

Fart Tournament

Monster Fart-iPhone and iPad App

Nuclear Level

I Promise

Hi everyone,

I’m working on my first iPhone App and all the characters and scenes are in C4D and that is why I did not have any posts recently. Also, I really feel guilty cause my goal was to have a post every single day, but it’s been about two weeks that I didn’t write anything.
I promise promise promise to add bunch of new character tutorials in C4D. I have to admit that I really love this software, it is so fun to work with, although I do not call it very intuitive, but once you work with it, you kind of get the idea.

Also, here the other challenge that I have right now, since my background is toy design, in my app whatever I design, look preschool! and my audience will not be preschoolers!!!! so, this is the main reason that I’m not active on 4D Frog these days, but as soon as I’m done with the app, I’ll have some post about how did I do that.

Please come back and check the site.


Mac Digital Notebook by Circus Ponies

If you live a digital life, like me, spending your day in virtual world, probably have your own method to save all information and to reuse them. For example when you are in a site that you like, you can add it to your favorites, or you can bookmark it.

For me, always something was missing and that was a digital notepad, so I can have different tabs, different pages and be able to save only the part of the information that I want from any site. I’m sure there must be plenty of great apps out there that still I do not know.

For a while I was using Google Notebook, Mac Address Book and Text Edit to save some information, but none of those were really satisfying my needs till yesterday that I was searching for a digital notebook for Mac that I found this website: their great product NoteBook 3.0.(organize your life) and it was what I exactly wanted. I downloaded the 30 day trial version for free and it is only $50 to buy, which using it for a day only, I’m going to buy it.

It does so many neat features like different paper types or colorful tabs, sticky note,sticky flag and reminder flag, Voice Annotation and sync page to iPod and as their say in their site”More than just an outliner or text processor, NoteBook is idea management software.” and this is absolutely true. Wow! I’ve done great advertising for them, I deserve to have the software for free!
Here are some screen shot of it:

Digital Organizer Mac Notebook

Digital Organizer Mac Notebook

Digital Organizer Mac Notebook

Digital Organizer Mac Notebook

Digital Organizer Mac Notebook

Digital Organizer Mac Notebook

NY Toy Fair 2010 and Organizing Information

One of the reasons that I did not have any posts in the past two days was toy fair. It was good, but really tiring and today I was trying to organize and categorize everything that I got at toy fair. You’ll see the picture, you’ll agree with me!I keep thinking about a better way to exchange the information without getting overwhelmed with business cards and brochures. I know there are many different mobile apps for that, but still they are not that popular, at least in toy industry since still so many old school things going on! I was trying to get connected as much as possible and get to know more people. There were all types of different toys there, and as usual, some really good and some not. One that I really liked called Vamplets, 6 little baby vampires! I hope from tomorrow I can get back to my normal posts. I want to do more tutorials, but it takes me so long because I’m making mistakes and I have to record them from the beginning!
One more thing, for my first video so far I got about 67 views which makes me happy and encourages me to do more.

Toy Fair 2010 Information

And Blogging is a dedication and angry egg!

I would never though blogging is this much dedication! My blog is only 10 days old and now i appreciate good blogger even more. Still I’m trying to create different tutorials, still I’m working on so many things to share them online, but honestly, too much work.
So, tomorrow is the first day for toy fair 2010 New York City. It’s going to be my first time attending toy fair as a buyer, because of my older website I’m so exited and going to take my camera with me.
And this angry egg is the last one in his group which I decided to make him angry.

Does not matter what it is, it does matter what you see- (A quote from myself)

I was at Target today to buy some stuff and had my camera around my neck, so, just tried to see some boring stuff in a different way, all of a sudden everything has changed, I found myself surrounded by most amazing objects in the whole world. By the way, I’m not on any type of drugs!

Breaking News-Snow and Snowman

I did not have much time to spend on my snowman, but it was as fun as before. I think the last time was at least 15 years ago, me making a snowman.

snow nyc

Coachella Music Festival Campsite 2009

If you have a plan to go to Coachella this year, don’t miss the campsite. I think it is part of the experience, although it is really killing hot, but still it’s worth it. Try to go there as early as possible, so you can find a parking spot close to the campsite.

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