Hi everyone,

I’m working on my first iPhone App and all the characters and scenes are in C4D and that is why I did not have any posts recently. Also, I really feel guilty cause my goal was to have a post every single day, but it’s been about two weeks that I didn’t write anything.
I promise promise promise to add bunch of new character tutorials in C4D. I have to admit that I really love this software, it is so fun to work with, although I do not call it very intuitive, but once you work with it, you kind of get the idea.

Also, here the other challenge that I have right now, since my background is toy design, in my app whatever I design, look preschool! and my audience will not be preschoolers!!!! so, this is the main reason that I’m not active on 4D Frog these days, but as soon as I’m done with the app, I’ll have some post about how did I do that.

Please come back and check the site.