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Press 4 Love-iPhone App!

Ok, here is my second app in Cinema 4D. I made the heart character in C4D . Here are some screen shot and description of the app. The app is free in the app store, so if you ever download it, please make sure to rate it!


Press 4 Love

Press 4 Love

Press 4 Love

Press 4 Love

This cute little app is the new generation way of measuring love.

Whether its entering both your loved one and your name, or using your birth dates, or pressing either by yourself or with your loved one, Press 4 Love is the best app to determine love and compatibility.

Press 4 Love includes 5 modes:

Mode 1:

Enter names of two people to calculate love (with 3D Animation for result).

Mode 2:

(In-App Purchase): Enter two names and their birthdays to determine love and compatibility (with 3D Animation for result).

Mode 3:

Press to see how much the other person loves you/how much you love that person. Great for a first date.

Mode 4 :

(In-App Purchase): Two people press their hearts to determine the love with each other.

Mode 5: Prank Mode

(In-App Purchase): If your trying to impress that special someone or joke around with your friends, select the Prank Mode so you can choose the results you want in advance.


1) Ad Removal Pack: Removes ads from the entire app.

2) Full Mode: Adds Mode 2 and 4 to the game and removes ads from the entire app.

3) Prank Mode: Use the built in slider to change the love-o-meter to your advantage. Removes ads from the entire app. Works on modes 1, 3, and 4.


Press for Love App predicted it was love. Wow! It was right.
Romeo Montague

We use it every day to make sure we are still in love.
Peas and Carrots

Rendering tutorial with Global Illumination-Cinema 4D

This one is my eighth video tutorial for creating a very nice realistic rendering with global illumination and HDR imaging in Cinema 4D. In my simple tutorial I’ll show you how something is done and if you really want to understand the subject, you have to do more research and learn it on your own. I’ll recommend learning more about HDR imaging which will help you alot in creating nice redering. By the way this is the link that I’ve downloaded my free HDR images.  I’ve used Lobby Harvest Church. 
This redering is basically my icon from my game Monster Fart in the app store.

Material and Map Tutorial-Cinema 4D

Hi everybody, I’m back!

This is my seventh video tutorial after a while since I was busy making my game Monster Fart. This is actually my icon in the app store which I show you how I made materials and how I assign map to my character in Cinema 4D. In the next video you’ll see how I made the realistic rendering.

iPhone and iPad App-Monster Fart-Cinema 4D

Hi everybody,

Finally the Monster Fart App is available in the app store. Monster Fart is a fun and happy game that also help you improve your memory while having fun. Also, if you have kids, they will love this funny game.
There are 3 modes in the game, Main game (which has 40 levels-Levels and Sub levels), Fart Tournament which is a quick play 1 minute game and you can challenge your friends and finally the Free Fart which you can make the monsters fart with music.

Monster Fart is a collaboration with Bit Banger Software. Music and sound effects by Aaron Zilch. All the characters are 3D and all the characters and animations created in Cinema 4D. I’ll try to make some tutorials about the 3D characters and animations.

The iPhone version is 0.99 but if you have the iPad or iPhone 4, you can get the HD version for $2.99 .

Also, here is the link for the app site, there are some freebies for download.

Cubic Frog Apps

Monster Fart-iPhone and iPad App

Default Screen

Monster Fart-iPhone and iPad App

Fart Tournament

Monster Fart-iPhone and iPad App

Nuclear Level

Cinema 4D Video and Step by Step Tutorial-Target Effector MoGraph

Actually this time it took me so long to create this video, I thing I’ve recorded at least 25 times and everytime I was making a simple mistake at the end! so,finally it’s done. Also I created a step by step tutorial for those who does not have high speed Internet. I think with this simple effect, you can create lots of creative still images and animation. With Target Effector you can animate 1000 of cloned object following a target.

Step By Step Cinema 4D Tutorial- Target Effector MoGraph

We are using these commands in Cinema 4D to create a very cool effect very quick.

-Primitive Object
-Cloner Object
-Target Effector
-Target Object

1-Create a Cube Object. Go to the Attributes Manager and under the Object tab, change the size to X=5 Y=2 Z= 5


Changing the Object size

2-Under Mo Graph Menu, Click on Cloner Object. Now drag the Cube into the Cloner Object to be cloned and be a child of the Cloner Object.

C4DTutorial-Target Effector

Drag the Cube inside the Cloner Object

3-Go to the Cloner Object Attribute Panel, under the Object Properties, Change the mode to Grid Array. Change the count to X=25, Y=1 ,Z=25.You Have about 225 Cubes.

C4DTutorial-Target Effector

Change the Cloner Object Attributes

C4DTutorial-Target Effector

4-Go to MoGraph Menu and select a Target Effector. Make sure that the Cloner Object is selected when selecting the Target EffectorAs soon as you create a Target Effector, you’ll see that all the cloned object following it.

C4DTutorial-Target Effector

All cubes are following the target arrows

5-Create a Sphere and go to the Attributes Manager and under the Object tab, change the radius to 10.

6-Now we want to set this sphere as our target , so everything will follow it. Open the Target Effector’s Effector tab in Attribute Manager. Drag the sphere from Object Manager into the Object field in Target Effector Effector tab.

C4DTutorial-Target Effector

Drag the sphere inside the Target Object field

7-Now select the sphere and move it in the graphic area and this is going to be a new target for cube clones to follow.

C4DTutorial-Target Effector

The Sphere is the new Target Object

8-And to make this effect even cooler, go to the Target Effector Attribute Manager and select Effector tab.  Check Repel on.

C4DTutorial-Target Effector

Check Repel on

9-Now move the Sphere along any axis and enjoy.
C4DTutorial-Target Effector

With this simple and quick tutorial, you can create lots of creative animation and still images. Just use your imagination and create a very cool scene and share it with us.

Cinema 4D Basic Animation Tutorial-Mo Dynamics

This is the forth Video Tutorial from 4D This one is a very simple animation scene using Motion Dynamics.
This time beside the you tube video, I have the step by step tutorial as well for those who do not have high speed internet. Hope you enjoy it.

1-Create an object or use an existing object. I my case I’m using a similar object to my Low Poly Octopus tutorial.



2- Now I want to array my space octopus, go to Mo Graph in the top menu and click on Cloner Object. In your Object Window, drop you object inside of the Cloner Object.



3-Go to Cloner Object attribute and change the Mode to Grid Array, by default it is set to Linear.

4-Have the Counts 3 in every direction, so It’ll create 27 objects. (If they are close to each other, you can change the size in all different directions.)

5-Now Create a Floor object, because we are trying to see how our group of octopuses will react to this object. I change the color attribute for the Floor Object to have better visibility.



6-Hold on shift and click on both Cloner Object and Floor in your Object window. Now right click and under Mo Graph tags choose Rigid Body. This will assign the Rigid Body to both of the objects.



7-Now click on play and watch it. It is pretty cool.  27 octopuses drop to the floor and act like the real life.
8-In the next step I add a box to the scene, make sure to assign the same Rigid Body tag to the box and play it again, this time they will all react to the box as well.



9-In my last step, I convert my box to editable polygon and take out the top face and this time after hitting play, some of the octopuses will trap inside the box.



Hope you like it and with this simple technique you can create many different creative scenes. Just think about a nice story and create it. Originally my story was how my space octopus giving birth in the space and all the kids fell to the earth, but I thought that might be too much for a simple tutorial!

5 Great Cinema 4D Projects

Above image is nice project from Alexandre Desmassias.

These are absolutely amazing. Great works from great Cinema 4D artists. Cinema 4D is a great tool for creating design concepts. It is so powerful.

Tommaso Sanguini

Tommaso Sanguini

Sebastian Storz

Sebastian Storz

Jacquez Pena

Jacquez Pena

Thomas Andreasen

Thomas Andreasen

Creating Low Poly Character and HyperNURBS in Cinema 4D

I’m tying to create a basic tutorial in Cinema 4D, creating a little cute character, space octopus. In this tutorial I’ll start by creating a sphere and changing the segments to 8. Then using Matrix Extrude to create tentacles and using Inner Extrude and Extrude to create the helmet. And then drop my sphere inside a HyperNURBS. I’m not really happy with my accent, but I can not help it.

Creating mascot toy for 4dfrog in Cinema 4D-Low Poly Modeling

I’m not really use to organic modeling, coming from Industrial Design background, I’m a SolidWorks person, half designer, half engineer or half form,half function. Also, always try to use limitation in my design, so it is almost closer to production model.
This is the first time I’m trying to break the rules, create non symmetry object, learning low poly modeling and learning Cinema 4D. Low poly modeling or box modeling is interesting, it is completely different way of thinking. What I like about different types of 3D modeling is the challenge of think differently. So, I’ve sketched several little frog, illustrate one in photoshop and iltrying to make a low poly model of it. As soon as I’m done, I’ll have a complete post about it.

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