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Cinema 4D Character Modeling Tutorial-CowRoom!

Finally after two months I created another Video Tutorial. The problem is since I have readers, it makes me more responsible and in the same token, more picky! Before it was much easier for me because I didn’t know if anybody ever is going to watch my tutorials!

This is another simple tutorial for character modeling using poly modeling and HyperNURBS. The end result is a very low polygon object. I’m using a sphere with 8 segments and create a character Cowroom which is a baby of a cow and a mushroom! I got the idea to create this character while I was watching my own mushroom video tutorial.

Hope you enjoy it and if you make this character and render it, please send me a link, Thanks!

Third Video Tutorial-Modeling a Mushroom in Cinema 4D, Poly Modeling and HyperNURBS

This is my third video tutorial. I got good feed back from my past two videos and it was very encouraging for me to do the third one. Thank you for your nice comments.

In this very basic C4D tutorial I’ll show you how to create a mushroom with Low Poly Modeling and HypurNURBS. I’ll start with a primitive object, SPHERE and then changing the segments to 8 instead of default 24. Using U~L to make a loop selection and make an Extrude. If this was interesting so far, maybe you should watch my video!

The good news is it got much easier for me to record videos, and if this works, I’m going to have lots of video tutorial for different types of 3D Modeling.

Creating Low Poly Character and HyperNURBS in Cinema 4D

I’m tying to create a basic tutorial in Cinema 4D, creating a little cute character, space octopus. In this tutorial I’ll start by creating a sphere and changing the segments to 8. Then using Matrix Extrude to create tentacles and using Inner Extrude and Extrude to create the helmet. And then drop my sphere inside a HyperNURBS. I’m not really happy with my accent, but I can not help it.

Creating mascot toy for 4dfrog in Cinema 4D-Low Poly Modeling

I’m not really use to organic modeling, coming from Industrial Design background, I’m a SolidWorks person, half designer, half engineer or half form,half function. Also, always try to use limitation in my design, so it is almost closer to production model.
This is the first time I’m trying to break the rules, create non symmetry object, learning low poly modeling and learning Cinema 4D. Low poly modeling or box modeling is interesting, it is completely different way of thinking. What I like about different types of 3D modeling is the challenge of think differently. So, I’ve sketched several little frog, illustrate one in photoshop and iltrying to make a low poly model of it. As soon as I’m done, I’ll have a complete post about it.

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