Actually this time it took me so long to create this video, I thing I’ve recorded at least 25 times and everytime I was making a simple mistake at the end! so,finally it’s done. Also I created a step by step tutorial for those who does not have high speed Internet. I think with this simple effect, you can create lots of creative still images and animation. With Target Effector you can animate 1000 of cloned object following a target.

Step By Step Cinema 4D Tutorial- Target Effector MoGraph

We are using these commands in Cinema 4D to create a very cool effect very quick.

-Primitive Object
-Cloner Object
-Target Effector
-Target Object

1-Create a Cube Object. Go to the Attributes Manager and under the Object tab, change the size to X=5 Y=2 Z= 5


Changing the Object size

2-Under Mo Graph Menu, Click on Cloner Object. Now drag the Cube into the Cloner Object to be cloned and be a child of the Cloner Object.

C4DTutorial-Target Effector

Drag the Cube inside the Cloner Object

3-Go to the Cloner Object Attribute Panel, under the Object Properties, Change the mode to Grid Array. Change the count to X=25, Y=1 ,Z=25.You Have about 225 Cubes.

C4DTutorial-Target Effector

Change the Cloner Object Attributes

C4DTutorial-Target Effector

4-Go to MoGraph Menu and select a Target Effector. Make sure that the Cloner Object is selected when selecting the Target EffectorAs soon as you create a Target Effector, you’ll see that all the cloned object following it.

C4DTutorial-Target Effector

All cubes are following the target arrows

5-Create a Sphere and go to the Attributes Manager and under the Object tab, change the radius to 10.

6-Now we want to set this sphere as our target , so everything will follow it. Open the Target Effector’s Effector tab in Attribute Manager. Drag the sphere from Object Manager into the Object field in Target Effector Effector tab.

C4DTutorial-Target Effector

Drag the sphere inside the Target Object field

7-Now select the sphere and move it in the graphic area and this is going to be a new target for cube clones to follow.

C4DTutorial-Target Effector

The Sphere is the new Target Object

8-And to make this effect even cooler, go to the Target Effector Attribute Manager and select Effector tab.  Check Repel on.

C4DTutorial-Target Effector

Check Repel on

9-Now move the Sphere along any axis and enjoy.
C4DTutorial-Target Effector

With this simple and quick tutorial, you can create lots of creative animation and still images. Just use your imagination and create a very cool scene and share it with us.